Sunday, 20 August 2017

How To Create a New Youtube Channel

So guys today we'll be exploiting on how to create a new Youtube Channel using the same email address. If for example you have a Youtube channel where you upload your pet videos and you need another channel where you'd love to upload videos of you in the gym then you need no separate email for that because you can actually use the same email for both channels and if you even need up to five channels, you can still use a single email for that. How???

1. Navigate to Youtube and login or you can also login in your Gmail account and once you open up Youtube, it automatically logs you in.

2. Copy and Paste this Link or click here to get redirected
   When its opened, it should look like this
Cool so lets head over to step 3

3. Click on "Create a New Channel" as highlighted in Yellow above and a page will open as seen below

4. Type in The channel name and click on create and Viola! You've just gotten yourself a new Channel.

So that's it! Please do drop your comments on this and tell me what you think or if have any issue while trying to do this or you have a question, all you have to do is comment and we'll be in touch and you can also click here to watch the tutorial video on this. Thanks

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