Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Alright Guys! Meet Firefox Quantum

I really don't know about you guys though but if you ask me I'd say Firefox is actually my favorite Broswer, i really don't know why i choosed it over Chrome and the others but i really think it's cool and just yesterday a new version was just released and it's called the Firefox Quantum! Damn! isn't that awesome??? The company claims it’s twice as fast as the original Firefox. Firefox Quantum has a sleek UI with the option to customize the toolbar. It also exceeds the performance of Google Chrome in a browser speed test battle. The new browser also includes Pocket recommendations of what sites to browse on every new tab. Night Mode and other features are available as Firefox free add-ons, i really think you should check this out and yeah i bet you gonna love it! Opera Mini also has a version similar to this and i think Chrome has it too although I'm not too sure cos i ain't a fan of chrome but for Opera Mini! Yeah I'm so positive about that. You guys can get the browser here! Rock on People!!!
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