Saturday, 4 November 2017

iPhone users, here's how to Power Your Phone ON and OFF without the Power Button

Alright so we all know that apple is trying to remove every physical button from the iPhone like the Home button and all so yeah! Although there are other buttons left like the volume and Power button but this tutorial might come handy if your power button is bad or broken. Lets say you wanna put on your Phone or Put Off your Phone but your power button has some issues,ohow do you do it?

Turning Off The iPhone

To turn off your iPhone without using the power button all you gotta do is
  • Goto Settings
  • Select General and select Shutdown, its at the very end of the menu.
The Slide to Power Off screen will pop up. Drag the slider to the right and your iPhone will shut down.
And that's how to turn off the phone without using the power button. And now how do do you turn it on?

This is a bit tricky  because how can you actually put on a Phone that's down with it's power button broken? Well it's not tricky at all Lol😅😅, all you  have to do is
  • Plug the phone to charge with  a USB
Your iPhone will start up a few seconds after it starts charging (as long as the battery isn’t dead, in which case it takes longer).
And that's it, it's as easy as that! Erm I'd have loved to make a video on this Lol but don't worry I'm gonna try to do that soon...This might come handy though if you're an iPhone user and if you ain't using the device then kindly share the post to your friends or someone who you know is using the phone, you actually don't  know if the person has a broken power button lol!! an if you don't have anyone using the device still share the post lol and drop your comments!!
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