Saturday, 13 January 2018

Want to quote a message on whatsappp? Then here is how to

Lol so most times, you leave your phone down for some hours and you come back only to get tons of messages lol and among those message, you might want to point back to one of the message the person sent and how do you do that???? It's literally very easy, I'll be listing two steps one for this one for the iPhone users and the other for the Android Users!

  • iPhone Users

On an iPhone, find the message you want to quote and drag it to the right.

This attaches the selected message to your new message, which you can then send as normal.

  • Android Users

On an Android phone, tap and hold the message you want to quote until it’s selected.

Next, tap the left facing arrow to attach the selected message to your new message.

Write your reply, and then send your message as normal.

And that's it, quoting a message is literally very useful especially in groups, it makes it look as if you are in a separate convo with the person right there in the group!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Snapchat Users, "Stories Everwhere" Will be hitting the platform soon.

So as i heard, SC is currently working to make its users happy this year 2018 as they are taking a bold step to make the app even more fun with the new feature called "Stories Everywhere". The feature means Snapchat's premium video and editorial content can be embedded on news sites and other online platform. I believe this improvement is an awesome one even if the gossip on SC will be going viral after this effect but i still think it's cool, so watch out for the update because I'll be  giving y'all heads ups here so stay glued!.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Sign up With AfriAdverts Today and Make cool Cash

Thinking of Making extra cash this year? Then i think you should consider working with Afri Adverts. AfriAdverts is an adverting platform where you can advertise your stuff as an advertiser and make money if you registered as a publisher. It's that easy.
The company will be launching on the 20th of January and they pay up to Fifty Naira as CPC and they pay every month that means about 1000 clicks would be giving you N50,00. Isn't that awesome?? That's not all, they are currently hiring individuals to work for them in various feeds like

  • UX designers
  • editors 
  • copywriters
  • studio artist etc. 
You can click here to see all the available postings and also apply if you are into any of the feeds.
The company is set to launch on the 20th of this Month January as i have said before and they also give a early registration bonus of N100 so why don't you check it out and give it a trial? If you ask me I'll say they sound promising so I'd be giving it a try also. Registration is very simple, you can click here to register. All you have to fill in is your
  • Name
  • Password
  • Email
  • Username and Website URL

The registration is very easy, so all you have to do now is register here and login on the 20th of January and that's it guys. All the steps i highlighted here is for those tending to working with them to make money as Publishers (Bloggers etc) also know that you can also work with them as a publisher if you don't have a website. If you intend advertising your products  or business, i mean if you intend working them as their customer paying them to advertise for you then you can sign up here at the advertisers page. Note that there are  different aspect

Publishers and Advertisers.

Publishers are those working with them to earn money while the Advertisers are those Paying them for services rendered like promoting their products or businesses etc and that's it guys! sign up now and watch out for the 20th and don't forget to share this post with your friends i believe you don't want to be making all the money lol.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Intend Blocking Specific ads on Youtube? Then this is how to

I really don't know if you've visited youtube  only to get the same annoying pre-roll ad over and over again? Well if you have then you should know that it's a systemic issue and erm the easiest way to solve this problem is to pay for YouTube Red and get rid of all the advertising but the  easiest free way to do it , however, is below.
When you see the same ad over and over again, hover your mouse cursor over the “i” circle logo in the lower left corner of the video, to the left of the “Visit Advertiser’s Site” link. Click it when “Why am I seeing this ad?”

The video will pause and show the message below, explaining in very broad terms how Google determines which ads to show you. Click the link marked “Stop seeing this ad.”

After clicking, you won’t see this specific ad on any of YouTube’s videos. Answer the next question, about whether the ad was “Inappropriate, Irrelevant, or Repetitive,” and you’ll give Google a little more data…or you can click “Close” without saying why you didn’t like the ad. It’s totally optional.

The sequence is almost identical on the YouTube mobile app: make sure you’re viewing the video in the full screen interface, tap “Stop seeing this ad,” then “Yes” on the confirmation window. Again, feedback on why you don’t want to see the ad is optional.

And that's pretty Much it, it's literally very easy and explanatory and hey, do share the post!! Thanks...

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Monday, 25 December 2017

How To Check Your Pc's Information!

Ermm Sometimes, you need to find information about your PC—things like what hardware you’re using, your BIOS or UEFI version etc, so many people are used to right clicking on the "My computer Icon" and clicking on properties but that's not  really the way to see all the info about your system and Oh! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance...Now Let's begin

Use the Settings App to Check Basic Info

If you just need a basic overview of your system, you can find it in your Settings app in Windows 8 or 10. Hit Windows+I to open the Settings app, and then click the “System” icon.

On the System page, switch to the “About” tab on the left.

On the right, you’ll find two  sections. The “Device Specifications” section shows basic information about your hardware, including your processor, amount of RAM, device and product IDs, and the type of system (32-bit or 64-bit) you’re using.

The “Windows Specifications” section shows the edition, version, and build of Windows you’re running.

Use the System Information App for Hardware and Software Environment Details

The System Information app has been included with Windows since before Windows XP. It provides a much more detailed look at system information than you can get just using the Settings app.
To open up System Information, hit Windows+R, type “msinfo32” into the “Open” field, and then hit Enter.

The “System Summary” page you open up to already provides a lot more information than we saw in the Settings app. You can see details about your version of Windows and the manufacturer of your PC, along with hardware details like your BIOS version, motherboard model, installed RAM, and more.

But that only scratches the service. Expand the nodes on the left-hand side, and you can dive into a whole other level of detail. A lot of this information, like the stuff you see under the “Hardware Resources” node is fairly esoteric. But, you will find some real gems if you dig around a bit.

For example, click the “Display” component, and you can see the make and model of your graphics card, its driver version, and your current resolution.

There’s one other great feature to note about the System Information app. You can export a detailed system report as a text file. This can be useful if you need to send details about your system to someone else, or if you just want to have a copy around in case you need to troubleshoot a PC you can’t boot.
First, select the information you want to export. If you select the “System Summary” node, the exported file will contain the full details found under every node available in the System Information app. You can also select any specific node to have only the details for that node exported.
Next, open the “File” menu and click the “Export” command.

Name the text file you’ll create, choose a location, and then click the “Save” button.

Open up that text file any time to see all the details about your system.

Use the Command Prompt When You Can’t Boot Into Windows Normally

Windows also has a command available for seeing a fair bit of system information right at the command prompt. While it doesn’t include as many details as the System Information app—and is arguably a bit harder to use—the command is useful in the event that you can only boot your PC to a command prompt window.
Type the following command at the prompt, and then hit Enter:
You’ll get a number of useful details about your OS build and version, processor, BIOS version, boot drive, memory, and network details.

Of course, you can also find other third-party tools that deliver even more (or better targeted) information. For example, HWMonitor is a great tool for monitoring various aspects of your system like CPU and GPU temperatures and voltages. The Sysinternals Suite from Mark Russinovich (owned by Microsoft) is a collection of more than 60 individual tools that can provide you with a startling amount of information. And thats it guys! Please do share this Post and Yeah Merry Christmas once again!!!!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

How to Follow Instagram Hashtags

Awesome! So after the recent update on Instagram, you can now follow your favorite hashtags and its really very easy. In another for you to be able to do this, you really have to update your Instagram app but you can still follow the steps below to see whats up but if you cant find the follow "Hashtag" options , then you have to update it and yeah that's it!

How do you Follow Instagram hashtags? To do this!

Start by opening up the Instagram app and tapping on the search tab at the bottom.

Tap on the search bar at the top.

 Type in a hashtag that you want to follow, and make sure that the “Tags” tab is selected.
You might get a pop-up telling you about this new feature. Hit “Next” if it appears.
 After you select a hashtag, you can tap on the blue “Follow” button at the top.
 Once you begin to follow a hashtag, you’ll start to see top posts from that hashtag in your main feed, denoted with the hashtag in the title, along with the user who posted it.

 And that's it guys! All you have to do is follow the steps above and yeah you'll be able to and do follow my hashtag #Youexploit lol!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

How to Disable Prompt Notications on Websites

It's really annoying lol when you visit a site and you get a Pop Up telling you what so ever site you are on wants to send you notification! It's really cool though but annoying most times, i don't know if you've observed it but if you do and you think it's annoying then here's how to stop the pop up on your browser's

Google Chrome

To disable this feature in Chrome, click the menu button and select “Settings”.
Click the “Advanced” link at the bottom of the Settings page and then click “Content Settings” button under Privacy and security.

Click the “Notifications” category here.

Deactivate the slider at the top of the page so that it reads “Blocked” instead of “Ask before sending (recommended)”.

Even after you select this setting, websites you’ve given permission to show notifications will still be able to show notifications. Scroll down here and you’ll see a list of websites that you’ve given permission to send you notifications under “Allow”.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox doesn’t allow you to disable all web notification prompts in its normal Options window. You have to change this setting from the hidden about:config page.
To access it, type about:config into Firefox’s address bar and press Enter. Firefox will display a warning telling you to be careful when using the about:config page, as you could cause problems with Firefox by changing some settings so I'll advice you just do as said here.
Click “I accept the risk!” if you’re ready to continue.

Type “notifications” into the search box. Double-click the dom.webnotifications.enabled option that appears. This will change the setting to “false”, which means web notifications will be disabled in Firefox.
This change will completely disable all web notifications, so you can’t choose to receive notifications from one or two websites while preventing other websites from asking to show notifications.

To undo your change if you want to see notifications in the future, return here and double-click the dom.webnotifications.enabled option to set it to “true” once again.

Microsoft Edge

Erm Microsoft provides no way to disable notifications entirely and prevent websites from asking to show notifications.
All you can do is click “No” when you’re asked if you want to let a website show notifications. Edge will at least remember your preference for the current website, but other websites will still be able to prompt you.

Yeah that's literally how to but know that the website isn't  responsible for the pop up but your browser! so yeah..

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Facebook just rolled in something cool called MESSENGER KIDS
Parents Y'all should better be happy because Facebook just launched a new version of its Messenger chat app designed for children ages six to 12. Called Messenger Kids that means you don't have to create a Facebook account for your kids no more!  According to reports, the app doesn't  require a Facebook account that means you don't need to open an account for your kid before he or she  can use the app. Facebook says Messenger Kids is also designed to be compliant with the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act, or COPPA and the app is really easy to use as there are  no ads or in app purchases. To use the app, parents must download it from the App Store and then authenticate it with their Facebook user name and password. Only then can an account be created for a child, with the process requiring only a name for the profile. Contacts are added through an “Explore” section of the app that should let parents search and find other contacts. Users with existing Facebook accounts, like relatives, can create Messenger Kids accounts to chat with the children, with parents having control over which contacts are approved and show up as online when a child uses the app although the app is currently available to IOS users in the United States and according to Facebook, the app will be rolled out soon on android Devices!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Konga: Do you want to get your stuff before paying?? Then check this out
Yeah so Literally Jumia now offers the payment before delivery option  as they've nailed out  the payment on delivery option due to what surfaced in the past and so most people prefer Konga but some of them are oblivious of the fact that Konga also has ruled out the payment before  delivery option so you now have to pay before you get your stuff, erm thanks to Miss Techy because i was actually oblivious too until i saw her heads up but don't worry guys there's always a way out. There's a way you actually can get your stuff before you pay.

Konga 's CEO Shola Adekoya said in his statement " we have enabled a contact seller button that allows open communication between seller and buyer in cases where pay on delivery transactions still want to be carried out directly between the seller and the buyer"

So yeah you actually Can now contact the seller via Whatsapp and just negotiate and make out your stuff there using the Contact Seller  Whatsapp Button

So that's it guys when you click on that button, you are going to be redirected to Whatsapp and yeah you actually can message the buyer and discuss,but we have a problem๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ it seems the button  doesn't work on all browsers so I'd advice you use Google Chrome while trying to do that because i actually got this while i tried it out on Mozilla

so yeah it didn't work on my Mozilla but it worked on my Chrome Browser as you can see below 

So yeah make sure you try it out on Google Chrome, you can still try it out on other browser's though, it might still work out! So that's it guys, any new update I'm gonna  hit you guys up right here!! So make sure you stay glued and also help share the post it amy go a long way in giving others heads up!!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž