Thursday, 21 June 2018

Aesome!!!! You can now upload videos with up to 1 hour duration on IG with the new IGTV App

Instagram said Wednesday it now has more than one billion active users, as it unveiled a new long-form video feature in a bid to attract "creators" like those on YouTube.
It becomes the fourth Facebook platform to hit the billion-user mark, including the namesake social network with more than two billion users, and the messaging applications WhatsApp and Messenger.
Instagram, which had some 800 million users as of September, has been outpacing rival social networks such as Twitter and Snapchat and has been gaining younger users even as Facebook itself has seen declines in the youth segment.
Instagram chief executive Kevin Systrom announced the milestone as he unveiled the new video application known as IGTV.
"We have now a community of one billion users," Systrom told the event in San Francisco.
"Since our launch in 2010, we've watched with amazement as the community has flourished and grown."
As Facebook itself has moved deeper into video, Instagram will become a direct competitor to YouTube with IGTV.
IGTV will enable any user to upload long-form videos and will also include "channels" from video "creators," similar to a format employed by Google-owned YouTube which has given rise to a number of YouTube "stars."
"Anyone can be a creator - you can upload your own IGTV videos in the app or on the web to start your own channel," Systrom said.
Built for smartphones
Systrom said IGTV is built to be used on a smartphone, and boosts the time for videos from the previous limit of one minute.
"The way we are watching video is changing," Systrom told the event.
He added that IGTV is "built for how you actually use your phone, so videos are full screen and vertical."
The launch comes amid a shift in video viewing habits away from traditional television to online platforms including Netflix and Hulu, and with more people watching both professional and user content on services like YouTube.
According to the research firm eMarketer, 181.7 million Americans will watch video content on their smartphones at least once a month this year, up 6.1 percent from a year ago.
Product manager Ashley Yuki told the event that IGTV "is an open platform from day one, so everyone can become a creator."
Rolling out for the iOS and Android apps, IGTV will allow any user to upload videos up to 10 minutes long, with the limit for larger accounts at one hour.
Systrom described the new app as "a separate space, a dedicated space to enjoy video without being distracted."
Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012 for a combination of cash and stock worth some $1 billion (roughly Rs. 6,800 crores) at the time.
Since then it has become a strong engineer of growth for Facebook in terms of users and ad revenues.
While Facebook offers no detailed revenue breakdown, eMarketer estimates Instagram will generate $5.48 billion in net US ad revenue this year, up 70.4 percent from last year and accounting for more than one-fourth of Facebook's net mobile ad revenue.
Facebook itself is also ramping up its video offerings with original shows and this week announced new formats including interactive game shows, quizzes and polls.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Be Careful! Facebook knows so much about you!
It's just unbelievable when you get to know how much data Facebook have on you! 
The creepy ways Facebook spies on its users have been detailed in a bumper document presented to Congress .
The 454-page report was created in response to questions Mark Zuckerberg was asked during his appearance before Congress in April.
Lawmakers gave Zuckerberg a public grilling over the Cambridge Analytica, but he failed to answer many of their queries. 
The new report attempts address their concerns, but it sheds little new light on the Cambridge Analytica scandal. 
However, it does contain multiple disclosures about the way Facebook collects data.
Some are unsurprising, such as the time people spend on Facebook, while others may come as a shock to the majority of users.  
  • Device information
Facebook tracks what device you using to access its social media.
To do this, it will log the hardware manufacturer of your smartphone, connected television, tablet, computer, or other internet-connected device.
Facebook also tracks the operating system, software versions and web browser.  
If you're using a smartphone, it will also keep a record of the mobile carrier, while internet service providers (ISPs) will be stored for users using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to access Facebook. 
  • Mouse movements
Facebook watches the movements of your computer mouse on-screen when you are interacting with the social network.
The company says it does so to help fight against bots on the social network.
  • App and file names
Tracking the app you use to interact with Facebook helps the company learn the types of devices you favour.
Facebook keeps a note of the file names in your system for the same reason.
This data is synced with your profile, and will influence the types of advertisements you see when you launch Facebook. 
  • Device operations
Facebook wants to learn about how you use its social network.
To do so, it records whether you keep your Facebook browser window at the foreground of your computer screen – or whether you tend to leave it in the background, hidden behind other windows.
Facebook also watches the 'operations and behaviours performed on the device' while you're active on the social network. 
  • Device connections  
The social network monitors a slew of different connections from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or smart TV.
It monitors the signal strength of your mobile data connection (if you're using one), Bluetooth signals, and information about the nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers.
This data can be used to establish whether you typically use Facebook in one particular location, or when you're on-the-move.
Nearby access points, beacons and cell towers can also be used to work out a rough location for the users, which Facebook can use to tailor search results and adverts. 
  • Devices that are nearby  
Facebook admits that it gathers information about other devices that are nearby or on the same Wi-Fi network when you login or open the app.
The Menlo Park-based company says it tracks this data to help users perform tasks that require multiple devices, like streaming a video from their phone to their TV. 
  • Battery level 
Battery level of your device is being monitored by Facebook.
The company says it tracks 'hardware changes' on any devices running its service.
This data could be used to track the impact the Facebook app is having on battery life of the device, however, previous research from Princeton University claimed battery life data alone could be used to track individuals across the web. 
Source: Daily Mail UK

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Seems the bug has been Fixed

Ermmm i don't know if y'all noticed that if you should type "" without quotes on your Google Search mobile app, it would display some of your messages just as you can see below.

This has been happening few days back and  according to Google, "a language detection bug" led to that weird feature that shows Android users their recent personal texts when typing "".
This got alot of people confused online and it did make a trend. Normally if you should type in on the google app, it would open up a site but adding the extra dot made it show you your recent text messages although iOS users don’t seem to have the same experience but we glad they got it fixed. 

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Freelance Writers, Get in Here

Hey there, lets cut to the chase Lol. If you are looking for a freelance job online then i think you literally should check this post as is once again looking to expand their team of American ghostwriters. is a  content creation agency that offers content fulfillment to digital marketers and agencies.

What They Need
They're in need of several telecommuting ghostwriters to help them fulfill client orders.
Writers generally are offered up to 5,000 words of work per assignment to be completed according to their  specific guidelines. The 5,000 words of work may be split up into several different pieces of content.
Writers will need to be able to research topics that they have little knowledge on and be able to create content on that topic from scratch.
Typical orders include blog posts, website content, product or service reviews, product/category descriptions, and informational eBooks.
Common topics they cover:
  • pets & pet health
  • senior care
  • gardening
  • nootropics
  • cooking / bbq / smoking
  • personal finance
  • health / fitness / diet
  • life insurance
  • identity theft
  • cloud technology
  • immigration law
  • digital marketing
  • SEO
  • and on, and on, and on...
Why Write for Them?
  • Work from your pajamas...with your mildly inappropriate coffee mug.
  • Get paid within 2 business days of submitting completed work.
  • Digital communication only; no boring conference calls or meetings.
  • Flexible work; they'll work with your schedule and capacity. They know we guys juggle a lot of different gigs Lol.
What's Required?
  • American writers only (If you intend signing up as a non American, they will find out when making payments, so its better you don't sign up if you are not an American or reside in the USA)
  • Must follow directions exactly as they're explained to you
  • fluent understanding of the AP Stylebook.
  • A computer with internet access, Microsoft Word or Google Docs, an email account, and a PayPal account
  • Proper spelling/grammar mandatory. Your writing must score 90% or higher on our proofreading tool.
  • Can use the internet to research topics in which you have no experience
  • Can use your research to create valuable, informative content that flows well
  • An understanding of how to speak to your audience properly
  • Must be punctual; orders must be able to reply to all e-mails within 24 hours.
  • Must always hit deadlines
How To Apply

  • Send an e-mail to
  • Use "Writer Application for WordAgents" as the subject line.
  • Tell us about yourself in no more than 4 sentences.
  • Attach (read: not links) two documents to the e-mail of your previous work.
  • Please write a 100-word blurb in the email body on the benefits of joint supplements for dogs.

Application Instructions

How To Apply

Send an e-mail to

Use "Writer Application for WordAgents" as the subject line.

Tell us about yourself in no more than 4 sentences.

Attach (read: not links) two documents to the e-mail of your previous work.

Please write a 100-word blurb in the email body on the benefits of joint supplements for dogs. 

Goodluck Guys! Its a pity i cannot apply lol as i ain't residing in the USA but i am totally recommending this to my folks over there and hey! If you ain't in the USA, just don't give up lol, you can still get this across to your friends over there in states like i did and you can also check this post for an alternative to this.
Kindly share this post with your friends and don't forget to come back here.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Whatsapp to Enable Group Video Calls Soon
 From the Announcement Facebook gave days back during the annual F8 developer conference, it seems there will be a group video calling option coming the app's way in few months as WhatsApp director Mubarik Imam announced. Although she didnt give in the full details but she stated that "we can see that calls will allow four people to simultaneously participate". She also revealed that the App now has over 450 million daily users, and over 2 billion minutes of video and audio calls are made through WhatsApp each day. Also whatsapp will also be getting stickers like those in Wechat, Line, Facebook messenger and other apps.
What do you think? You think there's any need for all this?
If i am asked lol I'll say the group video calling aspect is cool but for the stickers, i am not so sure. Well, lets keep our heads up for updates and as soon as i get any info, I'll keep y'all posted.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Freelance Writers, here's an opportunity for you.

Hey guys, so i hardly post on here lol and i really apologize for that  but that's because I've got some issues I'm handling but don't worry very soon i'll be on here full time i promise and less i forget, i stumbled upon which can actually pay you quite well as a freelance writer. is a leading provider of content creation software & services -- they are  actively looking for freelance writers with experience in biotech, fintech, electronics manufacturing and other areas.
According to them, the estimated rates will be between $250-$400 per blog post, with up to 6-8 posts per month. If you are an experienced freelance writer who's looking for high-end clients, this could be a great opportunity for you and it will be in your favor if you have ideas in the above field, i ain't saying you can't sign up if you ain't knowledgeable in those fields lol.
If interested, please sign up as a writer on the  platform and verify your profile. From there, a member of the  team will be in touch.

About nDash
nDash helps freelance writers secure high-paying gigs with some of the world's leading brands. They're NOT a content mill, as the average price per assignment is $185 USD. According to them., Here are a few other important details if you are considering joining our community:"
  • Set Your Own Rates: There’s nothing worse than being asked to write articles for $5 until you’ve “proven yourself.” We want you to get your market rates from Day 1.
  • No Anonymity: In our platform, you’ll know exactly which brands you’re working with (and they’ll know you) thanks to fully transparent profiles.
  • Proactive Pitching: The best way to get new clients isn’t sending a resume and cover letter. It’s by sending prospects unique content ideas. We built an entire agency using this method and we want freelancers to leverage it for their own gain.
  • No Unfair/Arbitrary Rating Systems: Forget about starting as a 2-star writer. You’ll be judged on the quality of your writing, background and ideas.
  • Faster Payments: Once an assignment has been approved, payments will show up in less than 3 business days. No more chasing clients down for money".
 Click here to sign up and also share this post with a friend that may be interested!
Remember, sharing is caring Lol!

Friday, 6 April 2018

Whoa! Watch out and expect these changes on Facebook from April 9th

So we all know about the Cambridge Analytica data scandal! (If you dont,  Google is there for you haha) And to that effect,  Facebook is introducing a range of new features in a bid to improve privacy on the site.

One of the biggest changes, which will begin on Monday 9 April, is to the app controls.

In a blog about the changes, Mike Schroepfer, Chief Technology Officer at Facebook, said: "Starting on Monday, April 9, we’ll show people a link at the top of their News Feed so they can see what apps they use — and the information they have shared with those apps.

"People will also be able to remove apps that they no longer want.

"As part of this process we will also tell people if their information may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica ."

Other key changes include the removal of the ability to search for friends by their phone number, and the announcement that Facebook will delete all call and text logs older than one year.

Mr Schroepfer added: "Overall, we believe these changes will better protect people’s information while still enabling developers to create useful experiences."
Well i think this is pretty cool lol but the phone number issue will be pretty not cool because literally so Many people find their friends using their numbers to search for them! Well it's a Thumbs up for them. 

Friday, 9 March 2018

Messnger Lite now make Video calls, gonna stick with it?
 So y'all know that Facebook has the standard app called the Facebook Messenger and then the Lite app called Messenger Lite that allows you do most of the stuff the standard messenger does but excluding some stuff like video calling, sending money etc well, Messenger lite has just been updated and you can now make video calls with it and regarding the fact that its lite having about 19 MB while the standard messenger has 49 MB, will you keep using  the normal messenger app or you gonna ditch it out for lite since it now has the video calling feature?? The reason why most people still use the Normal Messenger and not lite is because lite has no video calling feature like the normal messenger app but just the normal voice call but since it now has that option, i believe its gonna be mostly used and the Normal or standard messenger app is gonna be ditched! Well I'm still contemplating on the one to stick with (Thinking).

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How to search for any Wordpress Theme

Alright! So we see so many beautiful and nice WP themes online, for real You'd really want to use the same theme  for your blog or website but you really don't know the name and you just cant start searching online because there are billions of Themes online so its gonna take some time before you get that particular theme lol but  don't worry here is how to search for any Wordpress Theme online using either  the websites Url and method. Lets  go

  • Uisng Style.css
Using style dot Css is very Ok, all you have to do is navigate to the website which you intend knowing it's theme. We'll be using for this.
 On the website, right click and click on "Page Source"

A new window will open on the next tab, right there search for style.css. You can do that by using Ctrl + f and then the search box will come up, all you have to simply do is type in style.css and it will be shown

As you can see in the screenshot above, although its not really clear but all you have to do is zoom it in. So all you have to do is type in style.css in the search box and it will highlight where style.css is   in the theme with blue ass you can see in the screenshot. If you look closely in that line i underlined  with red, you'd that this is there


And as you can see Themes/metrostore is also in that line so that's to tell us that the name of t he theme the site is using is called METROSTORE, note that some designers do change the name of the theme to something else so in most cases you wont  find the name but you can use this method, how ever lest go over to the second method.

  • Using the Websites URL
All you will have to do in this case is copy the websites URL e.g and then head over to Wordpress Theme search and paste in the Link there.
Navigate to when it opens up, paste in the link of the website you intend knowing the theme e.g

Pate it the link in that box (e.g and click pm search, you should get something like below

And the website will tell you the
  • Theme Name
  • Theme Homepage 
  • Author
  • Author Homepage
  • Description of the theme
  • Version of the Theme
Screenshots of the theme and even plugins you can use with the theme. Awesome  right?? So yeah which of the methods do you prefer, A or B? and by the way both methods are Ok so they are both cool and note that using the same method, if the site Isn't using a Wordpress Theme, will also tell you like Nairaland for example isn't  using a WP theme
So as you can see, the site will tell if its not using a WP theme and that's it guys, Just follow the steps, i bet they are pretty easy but you can sill check out the Tutorial on Youtube and hey! don't forget to share this post  to someone.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Looking for a job online relating to kids?? Then check this out

 Are you a mother or do you have some knowledge when it comes to kid related stuff? If yes then there is an opportunity for you to work with KidSimplified. Below is all the info you need to know.

They are currently Looking for knowledgeable and creative writers to produce content for a website focusing on all topics surrounding babies and motherhood, including:
* Pregnancy
* Breastfeeding and breast pumping
* Diapering
* Baby toys
* Baby health and safety
* And more …
This is a long-term and on-going opportunity where and by so doing, they are  looking for writers who are able to produce anything from 3000 to 10,000 words each per month (depending on your availability and their content needs).
Individual articles will be anything from 1000 words to 4000 words each, so they’d be looking for people who can create anything from 2 to 6 pieces each per month.
The ideal applicant will have in depth knowledge about babies and motherhood, be that because of a passion within or due to extensive first hand experience being a mommy.
However, excellent research skills and a personality that shines through in writing is more important and can trump first hand experience, as long as you can produce quality, long form content that is accurate, information rich and has personality.
Regardless, excellent research skills is a must! All content must have links out to authoritative sources of information from within the text to back up important points made.
Content will only ever require internet research, no outreach, books, magazines or interviews required.
You would need to have an engaging, witty voice, able to relate to and entertain readers while being highly informative and able to truly teach and give over useful information in a friendly, entertaining way.
So a ‘friendly expert’ is the tone of voice they are looking for throughout the site.
They  only focus on publishing high quality, well-researched useful content, aiming to be the best content on the web for each article produced.
They  will provide detailed instructions and topic briefs for each article, while also leaving plenty of room for your own input and creativity.
There will be no KW inclusion targets, and only very loose word count targets as we believe forcing writers to include certain words, or being strict on word count is very counter-productive and restrictive, making the end result suffer. We are more interested in covering topics very well, and word count and KW inclusion can fall where they may.
  • They will pay you a rate per written word
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Willing to make changes based on editorial feedback (According to them, they usually find very little change is needed though due to the detail in our briefs and writing instructions.)
  • They own exclusive rights to the content, it must not be used, shared or published in any other way. However, if published in your name, they cannot make any changes to the content either (without your permission.)
  • They are open to accepting both ghost written work, or publishing under your own name if you have relevant authority and experience to add to a credible bio.
Please send an email to Moe at: with the subject line: “It’s A Baby’s World”.
(This just shows Moe who has actually bothered to read this advert and can follow the simplest of instructions…you’d be surprised how many people don’t!)
  • Your previous experience and what makes you ideal for this opportunity
  • Links to 3 examples of relevant work you have previously had published.
  • Your rate per word for written content.
  • How many words per month you think you can write
  • Any questions or further information you would like from me.
And that's it guys, you can give this a try if you can cope with the mentioned details above and please do share this post too on your social media platforms because you may not know who's been waiting for an opportunity like this haha.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Wanna know who viewed your Facebook Profile? Then here is how to

So guys, i see so many queries online on how to see who's viewed your profile on Facebook and i see some people claiming you have to pay some apps and stuff but that's so not true lol  although there are some apps that works  and some plugin extensions on browsers that works too but i ain't digging into all that now, i am just gonna show us how we can do this without the help of any app/software or browser extension using your PC  and how do we do this??

  • Login in to your Facebook Account
Normally when you log on to Facebook, you're automatically directed to the homepage but it you ain't then click on the home button just right there at the top

  • On your browser showing your Facebook account, press CTRL + U On your keyboard and this will pop up a new window filled with codes as you can see below
      • Use the search button right below the page or press CTRL+F on your keyboard and type in these words "InitialChatFriendsList" without quote and you will find so many numbers starting with 1000 as seen below
      Those numbers are the profile ID's of the Facebook users who viewed your profile and how do you know who they are cos the numbers didn't say their names lol.
    •  All You have to do now is head over to your browser and type in number. So if for example the number was 1000988766542019 then it will be and that's pretty much it i guess . It's very easy, you don't have to pay anyone to do this and this helps in know who's stalking your account lol. Kindly drop your comments if any and if you tried this method and it didn't go well, just let me know and watch out for my tutorial video for this on Youtube.
      nitialChatFriendsList CopyRight© Protected By Goodluck Okereke @ DMCA>>>>Read more :

Sunday, 25 February 2018

How to add Pictures to Songs

Ok! I searched and searched until i  finally got the solution lol and i decided to share it here because it actually gave me  a tough time and uhmm this is literally very easy,so if you really want to know how to do this then lets get it and before we start, we'll be making of a software called "Mp3tag" and its very lite as the size isn't up to 10MB. All you have to do is get the software from here, run the installation get it opened. It should look like this when you've installed and opened  it.
If you don't understand what adding of tag means, it literally means adding some info's to your song like the Image, Name of Artist, Song Artist, Year etc and that's it so lets begin.

  • Open up your Mp3tag Editor
Drag the song you intend using into. That's very easy, all you have to do is Minimize Mp3tag editor, locate the song you intend using and drag it in(Watch video to understand )

  • Fill in the Tags

1. This is where yo input the songs Title
2. The Artist name goes in here
3. The Album name goes in here
4. The Year goes in here
5. The track goes in here (Not Really Important)
6. The genre of the song goes in here
7. The comment goes in here (It could be the name of your website or what so ever you intend writing)
8. This shows you the directory you copied you dragged your song from
9. The name of the Album artist goes in here (Not really important)
10. The composer goes here                        (Not really important)
13. This is where you place the picture, We'll talk about that later.

And that's how to work with the Tags, now lets really talk about how to add the image. To add an image,
  • Kindly input all the tags
  • Right click on the cover(Number 12) and click on add cover as shown below

 When you click on "Add Cover", a window will pop up, all you have to do is select where the picture is and then select the one you intend using and that's all. When you are done, CTRL + S to save or click on the save Icon above or as seen below and that's it.
 Alright guys, now locate where the song was saved to and play it. You should see the picture on the media player as its playing. If peradventure you played the song and the picture didn't show up, all you have to is use a different media player and it should show up. Better still try watching My video tutorial for this on Youtube  to make it more clear and don't forget to share this post if you think it's helped you'.... 

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Telegram Version 4.8 is out!!!!!
What's up y'all, it's been awhile i posted on here so i just wanna say i am sorry lol! Great.
I believe you guys know the popular messaging app called "Telegram"??? If  you do then i think you should know that they just released an updated version 4.8 and this version comes with exciting features and some of the features are
  • The video streaming Option: This is really amazing as users can now watch videos on the app without having to download first, ermm i am not comparing but i don't think wahtsapp have this feature(Not that i have seen though) lol.

  •  Telegram Login: This enable web owners to add the Telegram button on their website where by users can login. When using Telegram Login for the first time, you’re asked for your phone number which sends a confirmation message to your Telegram client in order to authorise your browser. Once set up, you’ll have two-click login on every site that supports the widget.

    In the announcement, Telegram said:

        “Clicking ‘Accept’ will send your Telegram name, username, and your profile picture to the website owner. Your phone number remains hidden. The website can also request permission to send you messages from their bot.”
    I am not really sure about this  because i haven't seen any site with the Login widget but as soon as i come across any and it works fine, I'll get y'all updated.
  • Auto-Night  Mood: You know most of our Smart Phones have this auto bright feature where by when you go into a bright location, the screen automatically comes on brighter and when you go into a dark location, the brightness reduces! Cool, telegram also have this feature and it's called "Auto Night Mood" and this works in such a way that when it's night time or when your location is a bit dark, a dark theme will be enabled. To activate this feature, Navigate to Settings - Theme - Auto-Night Mood and it will be activated.
    And that's it guys, if your Telegram app isn't set to update automatically, you won't find any of these features there so i think you have to head over to Playstore and update to the latest version and for the iOS Users, calm down! Your update will be rolled out soon..

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

How to Unsend a Message on Gmail
 You know your hands might be too fast and sometimes when composing a mail, you'll mistakenly send it to the recipient without caution and you'll be like "Oh My! How am i going to undo this??" Probably because you weren't done editing or you've gotten some typographical errors in there you just don't want the recipient to see especially if it's a very important email let's say a business email or an appointment issue then worry not my dear reader lol for there's an easy way to undo it.

Using Your android Phone
If you are using the Gmail app, it's very easy, all you have to do is tap on the "undo" button at the button right and yeah note that the button will disappear after few seconds.

Using your PC
You will have to activate the the feature first before this will work and how do you activate the feature?
Click on the setting's gear at the top right

click on the "enable undo send" button and head below and click on save to save changes

 And that's it. Now, how do you undo an already sent message??

You know when you've sent a message, you'll see a notification telling you "your message has been sent" Cool! Right beside the message, you'll see "Undo" or " View Message". Just click on the undo
and boom! Your message will be unsent, it's that easy guys...Please do share this post and yeah always walk in here for exciting stuff...

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Experienced blogger wanted!

If you reading this and you are a blogger or you have a friend who's a blogger with a background on the topics below,
  • Elder care
  • Family living
  • Pets
  • Health
  • Home maintenance
Then get him or her here lol. This post isn't written by me as it was culled. Read the post below 

"We are an SEO / PPC consulting shop that also owns / operates several publishing sites. We create content frequently for our own sites as well as client sites. We'd like to start with a single (paid) project and then may have more opportunities in future if there's a fit.
We have specific formatting requirements for posts, and primarily need help with longer-form list style posts (typically featuring ~50 items - tools, blogs, tips, etc. - with a brief description and some information like features and pricing, examples of great posts, etc. for each) and shorter form (typically ~750 word) posts that give a glossary-style overview of a topic (describing what the topic is, common challenges, benefits, answering a few frequently asked questions, etc.) or walk through a 5-10 step process for completing a task / improving a system. We don't have specific word count requirements but longer-form posts typically run ~2500 words and shorter form ~750 words, and we pay $400 per asset for longer form posts and $75 per asset for shorter form posts.
A willingness to do some simple Email outreach (Emailing sources featured in posts to let them know they've been featured) is also required."

Interested?? Then click here to apply

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Want to quote a message on whatsappp? Then here is how to

Lol so most times, you leave your phone down for some hours and you come back only to get tons of messages lol and among those message, you might want to point back to one of the message the person sent and how do you do that???? It's literally very easy, I'll be listing two steps one for this one for the iPhone users and the other for the Android Users!

  • iPhone Users

On an iPhone, find the message you want to quote and drag it to the right.

This attaches the selected message to your new message, which you can then send as normal.

  • Android Users

On an Android phone, tap and hold the message you want to quote until it’s selected.

Next, tap the left facing arrow to attach the selected message to your new message.

Write your reply, and then send your message as normal.

And that's it, quoting a message is literally very useful especially in groups, it makes it look as if you are in a separate convo with the person right there in the group!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Snapchat Users, "Stories Everwhere" Will be hitting the platform soon.

So as i heard, SC is currently working to make its users happy this year 2018 as they are taking a bold step to make the app even more fun with the new feature called "Stories Everywhere". The feature means Snapchat's premium video and editorial content can be embedded on news sites and other online platform. I believe this improvement is an awesome one even if the gossip on SC will be going viral after this effect but i still think it's cool, so watch out for the update because I'll be  giving y'all heads ups here so stay glued!.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Sign up With AfriAdverts Today and Make cool Cash

Thinking of Making extra cash this year? Then i think you should consider working with Afri Adverts. AfriAdverts is an adverting platform where you can advertise your stuff as an advertiser and make money if you registered as a publisher. It's that easy.
The company will be launching on the 20th of January and they pay up to Fifty Naira as CPC and they pay every month that means about 1000 clicks would be giving you N50,00. Isn't that awesome?? That's not all, they are currently hiring individuals to work for them in various feeds like

  • UX designers
  • editors 
  • copywriters
  • studio artist etc. 
You can click here to see all the available postings and also apply if you are into any of the feeds.
The company is set to launch on the 20th of this Month January as i have said before and they also give a early registration bonus of N100 so why don't you check it out and give it a trial? If you ask me I'll say they sound promising so I'd be giving it a try also. Registration is very simple, you can click here to register. All you have to fill in is your
  • Name
  • Password
  • Email
  • Username and Website URL

The registration is very easy, so all you have to do now is register here and login on the 20th of January and that's it guys. All the steps i highlighted here is for those tending to working with them to make money as Publishers (Bloggers etc) also know that you can also work with them as a publisher if you don't have a website. If you intend advertising your products  or business, i mean if you intend working them as their customer paying them to advertise for you then you can sign up here at the advertisers page. Note that there are  different aspect

Publishers and Advertisers.

Publishers are those working with them to earn money while the Advertisers are those Paying them for services rendered like promoting their products or businesses etc and that's it guys! sign up now and watch out for the 20th and don't forget to share this post with your friends i believe you don't want to be making all the money lol.