Saturday, 9 September 2017

How to Facebook and Youtube Videos on Phones

Some years back , someone contacted me asking how he could download video from facebook and then i asked him if it was from YouTube and then  he said "Oga i said Facebook" Lol then i told him i couldn't hear him well that he should call back later (Which he actually did) and then i made my research and when he called, i gave him the answer. The reason i made it that way was because i actually didn't know how to Lol and after my research i did, No one's perfect Remember😝 So I wanna share how you actually can download Videos via your Cell Phones and how do you do that?

 For Android Users
All you have to do is goto Play store and get the MyVideoDownloader for Facebook  and its as easy as that.

After installation, You'll have to login to your facebook account when that is done, then navigate through and tap the video you intend downloading and you'll get the option to download it to your phone.

And for IOS Users, you guys ain't left behind😊 All you have to do is get the Mymeida app

and then after installation, navigate to the video you intend downloading, copy the url and head back to the app, it wil open up your broswer, all you have to do is navigate to, paste in the url of the video you copied and hit the download button and boom its done!
Normally can be used without the app and yeah you can also use it in saving or downloading videos from Youtube. How???
Click on the video you want to download, when its about playing, quickly goto to the address bar and erase the www. 
and type in ss 
 and a new page will open up,
 kindly click on download.
 And that's pretty how you can go about it , if you've gotten other methods, please do share with us by commenting and if you've gotten any question, why wait when you actually can comment!
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