Friday, 8 September 2017

Google Drive users, You've got from Now Till March to Update

 google Backup and sync
Google is Actually going to take down the storage system "Google Drive" by March 2018 as announced in July   replacing it with Backup and Sync which does the same thing only that it can accommodate more compared to G Drive.
The new drive literally allows Google to synchronize all your stuff including your photos and even make your Photo's part of Google Photo . I really like the idea though, Gone are the days of having all your info on a particular storage medium like the Hard Drive, Flash drive, Memory Card etc because now with cloud computing services like Dropbox, Microsoft one drive, Apple I cloud and now Google Backup and Sync, you've got all your stuff on your Finger tip, all you need is your Phone with Mobile data or WIFI and you can access all your stuff when ever and where ever you are or want.
You actually can get the Backup and Sync software right now if you want, you literally can't ignore only if it's of no use to you.
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