Friday, 8 September 2017

How to Remove Blogger Favicon

I really don't know for you tho but for me i hate seeing the "B" Symbol, its usually seen beside your sites name in your browser's address bar.

Most of you may know how to do this but for the sake of those that don't know how to remove blogger favicon, here is how to do it

1. Get  your Logo
    You can design your Logo yourself either using some image designing softwares such as Corel Draw and others and for those of us that have no access to all that, we can use some online Logo designers such as Logomaker, Logojoy and so many others. After doing that, save your logo. Note that your logo must be in a sqaure shape, not rectangle, circle or any other shape.

2. Upload the Logo
    After creating the Logo you intend using, Navigate to Blogger Dashboard and click on Layout

    After clicking on Layout, Locate the FAVICON and click on "Edit"
A tab like this should open

Click On "Choose File" then select your Logo from where you saved it and Click on save. Thats all
Note that, the Logo will only be uploaded if its in a square shape, if its not, it wont work. So try your best to make sure its in a square shape.

And that's it guys, try changing yours and let us know right here what's up!
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