Friday, 22 September 2017

Ok! Here's how to copy captions and save Images on Instagram

How to save Images from Instagram
 Here's the drill 😏😏, you actually can save Images from Instagram but the thing is copying Captions or saving caption/comments isn't that easy but don't get your hopes down! There's always a way out you know😏.
You actually can edit your own captions That's if you've uploaded an image already and you intend making changes to what you wrote about it or the captions you made and how do you do that? All you have to do is
  • Click on the Image you intend Changing it's caption after that, click on the three dots above
    How to save Images from Instagram
  • Click on edit 

How to save Images from Instagram
Make your edit and save and if you intend copying then you can just highlight them all and copy just the normal way you copy on phone and that's it but if you intend copying someone's caption, lets say there's an image someone uploaded and you love the write up on it and you can't afford the time of typing it or you want to copy the comments, then here is how to do it
  • Click on the Image
  •  Tap the Three dots (Menu Button)
    How to save Images from Instagram
  • Click on Copy Share Url
    How to save Images from Instagram
Open Up Your Mobile Browser and Paste in the link you copied

It will open up in your browser, all you have to do now is copy what so ever you intend copying and that's all. It's as easy as that! and you can also use the same process to save an image, all you have to do is follow the same process, click on the image, click on the three buttons above, click on share URL, paste in the link in a browser and then when  it opens up, tap and hold the image on your screen and then a save option will come up! That's it..

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