Thursday, 21 September 2017

Wanna stop annoying pop up ads on your android apps?? You better Read this

Ok, so this post is very common i guess, like you find it on almost every tech blog but never the less, i still feel like sharing it.
Do you have an android game or app that always pop up ads annoyingly? If yes then i think this post could be useful. All you need is an app called Lucky Patcher. The tool allows you remove ads from your game or app easily, Normally you'd have to root your phone but i think that's not longer necessary. There's a PC Version and also an Android version and we'll be dealing on the android version, So how do you do that?
  • Download the app here
  • Launch the application and select the app or game you intend removing ads from
  • Click on "Open Patches"
  • Tick and then start the process
This process will actually take some time but after it's completed, it will give you a location where an APK file is. The new APK file is the app you just removed ads from, all you have to do is uninstall the one that shows ads and then install the new file and then enjoy!!! but note that these apk files can't be updated that means any app you remove ads from can't be updated!!!

Click here to read more about the app.
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