Sunday, 1 October 2017

So cool! You can now Donate blood on Facebook

 Facebook Blood Donor
Oh Yeah😎😎! Today's October First and its actually National Blood donors day and Facebook has taken a bold step. If you reside in India, you now have the option to sign up as a blood donor on Facebook, as you know India is currently facing shortage of safe blood and so so sometimes most people goto social media platforms to request for donors and in trying to help that, Facebook has rolled out a new Feature to help donors, Patients and hospitals connect more easily. This will include the option for nearby donors to be notified of blood request and Facebook will actually start showing a message in the news feed prompting users to sign up as blood donors and the info will be  kept private. Although according to Facebook, users can share their blood donor status via their profile if they wish and yeah the  new feature will roll out via the Facebook app then the web and so on and as time goes on more tools will be rolled out. Ermm i really like the idea though, it's pretty cool if you ask me but i still hate needles Lol! and if you live in India and you intend signing up as a blood donor then click here to sign up and hey! drop your comments telling us what you think about the idea!!
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