Saturday, 7 October 2017

Movie Lovers get in here! Lol

Here are Five Movies you might just wanna check their trailers and you probably just can't wait for it's release.

1. Pacific Rim Uprising 

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You just gotta watch this, the first look to the sequel for this came out on Friday and it's totally filled with Robots and Monsters which is awesomely cool. John Boyega took the lead and you know what that means!😉


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This is simply amazing, the movie is centered on a murder mystery that took place in a single house. The film is based on Agatha Christie's Novel.


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Canadian Actor Keanu Reeves plays a semi evil and a neuroscientist in the movie. I honestly can go into a lot of bewildered details here on the movie but no! you just have to watch the trailer yourself and let me leave you with a line that closes the trailer "I didn't defy every natural law there is just to lose you again." The movie comes out sometime next year


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When the trailer started, it started as an High School comedy movie but later took a ridiculous turn into an Over-the-top-B Movie/horror thing. You should see it


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Watched Crank yet?? If yes then you should notice that half of the duo behind Crank is half of the duo behind Happy!, an amazing  Syfy series and it's all about a disgruntled ex-cop / current hit man who starts having an annoying blue fairy (-like thing) follow him around, Navi style. It's an adaptation of Grant Morrison's graphic novel, and it looks... I don't really know what to say — kind of awful, kind of insane, and maybe occasionally brilliant. It starts December 6th.

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