Sunday, 10 December 2017

How to Disable Prompt Notications on Websites

It's really annoying lol when you visit a site and you get a Pop Up telling you what so ever site you are on wants to send you notification! It's really cool though but annoying most times, i don't know if you've observed it but if you do and you think it's annoying then here's how to stop the pop up on your browser's

Google Chrome

To disable this feature in Chrome, click the menu button and select “Settings”.
Click the “Advanced” link at the bottom of the Settings page and then click “Content Settings” button under Privacy and security.

Click the “Notifications” category here.

Deactivate the slider at the top of the page so that it reads “Blocked” instead of “Ask before sending (recommended)”.

Even after you select this setting, websites you’ve given permission to show notifications will still be able to show notifications. Scroll down here and you’ll see a list of websites that you’ve given permission to send you notifications under “Allow”.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox doesn’t allow you to disable all web notification prompts in its normal Options window. You have to change this setting from the hidden about:config page.
To access it, type about:config into Firefox’s address bar and press Enter. Firefox will display a warning telling you to be careful when using the about:config page, as you could cause problems with Firefox by changing some settings so I'll advice you just do as said here.
Click “I accept the risk!” if you’re ready to continue.

Type “notifications” into the search box. Double-click the dom.webnotifications.enabled option that appears. This will change the setting to “false”, which means web notifications will be disabled in Firefox.
This change will completely disable all web notifications, so you can’t choose to receive notifications from one or two websites while preventing other websites from asking to show notifications.

To undo your change if you want to see notifications in the future, return here and double-click the dom.webnotifications.enabled option to set it to “true” once again.

Microsoft Edge

Erm Microsoft provides no way to disable notifications entirely and prevent websites from asking to show notifications.
All you can do is click “No” when you’re asked if you want to let a website show notifications. Edge will at least remember your preference for the current website, but other websites will still be able to prompt you.

Yeah that's literally how to but know that the website isn't  responsible for the pop up but your browser! so yeah..
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