Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Facebook just rolled in something cool called MESSENGER KIDS

Parents Y'all should better be happy because Facebook just launched a new version of its Messenger chat app designed for children ages six to 12. Called Messenger Kids that means you don't have to create a Facebook account for your kids no more!  According to reports, the app doesn't  require a Facebook account that means you don't need to open an account for your kid before he or she  can use the app. Facebook says Messenger Kids is also designed to be compliant with the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act, or COPPA and the app is really easy to use as there are  no ads or in app purchases. To use the app, parents must download it from the App Store and then authenticate it with their Facebook user name and password. Only then can an account be created for a child, with the process requiring only a name for the profile. Contacts are added through an “Explore” section of the app that should let parents search and find other contacts. Users with existing Facebook accounts, like relatives, can create Messenger Kids accounts to chat with the children, with parents having control over which contacts are approved and show up as online when a child uses the app although the app is currently available to IOS users in the United States and according to Facebook, the app will be rolled out soon on android Devices!
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