Wednesday, 31 January 2018

How to Unsend a Message on Gmail

 You know your hands might be too fast and sometimes when composing a mail, you'll mistakenly send it to the recipient without caution and you'll be like "Oh My! How am i going to undo this??" Probably because you weren't done editing or you've gotten some typographical errors in there you just don't want the recipient to see especially if it's a very important email let's say a business email or an appointment issue then worry not my dear reader lol for there's an easy way to undo it.

Using Your android Phone
If you are using the Gmail app, it's very easy, all you have to do is tap on the "undo" button at the button right and yeah note that the button will disappear after few seconds.

Using your PC
You will have to activate the the feature first before this will work and how do you activate the feature?
Click on the setting's gear at the top right

click on the "enable undo send" button and head below and click on save to save changes

 And that's it. Now, how do you undo an already sent message??

You know when you've sent a message, you'll see a notification telling you "your message has been sent" Cool! Right beside the message, you'll see "Undo" or " View Message". Just click on the undo
and boom! Your message will be unsent, it's that easy guys...Please do share this post and yeah always walk in here for exciting stuff...
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