Sunday, 11 February 2018

Telegram Version 4.8 is out!!!!!

What's up y'all, it's been awhile i posted on here so i just wanna say i am sorry lol! Great.
I believe you guys know the popular messaging app called "Telegram"??? If  you do then i think you should know that they just released an updated version 4.8 and this version comes with exciting features and some of the features are
  • The video streaming Option: This is really amazing as users can now watch videos on the app without having to download first, ermm i am not comparing but i don't think wahtsapp have this feature(Not that i have seen though) lol.

  •  Telegram Login: This enable web owners to add the Telegram button on their website where by users can login. When using Telegram Login for the first time, you’re asked for your phone number which sends a confirmation message to your Telegram client in order to authorise your browser. Once set up, you’ll have two-click login on every site that supports the widget.

    In the announcement, Telegram said:

        “Clicking ‘Accept’ will send your Telegram name, username, and your profile picture to the website owner. Your phone number remains hidden. The website can also request permission to send you messages from their bot.”
    I am not really sure about this  because i haven't seen any site with the Login widget but as soon as i come across any and it works fine, I'll get y'all updated.
  • Auto-Night  Mood: You know most of our Smart Phones have this auto bright feature where by when you go into a bright location, the screen automatically comes on brighter and when you go into a dark location, the brightness reduces! Cool, telegram also have this feature and it's called "Auto Night Mood" and this works in such a way that when it's night time or when your location is a bit dark, a dark theme will be enabled. To activate this feature, Navigate to Settings - Theme - Auto-Night Mood and it will be activated.
    And that's it guys, if your Telegram app isn't set to update automatically, you won't find any of these features there so i think you have to head over to Playstore and update to the latest version and for the iOS Users, calm down! Your update will be rolled out soon..
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