Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How to search for any Wordpress Theme

Alright! So we see so many beautiful and nice WP themes online, for real You'd really want to use the same theme  for your blog or website but you really don't know the name and you just cant start searching online because there are billions of Themes online so its gonna take some time before you get that particular theme lol but  don't worry here is how to search for any Wordpress Theme online using either  the websites Url and method. Lets  go

  • Uisng Style.css
Using style dot Css is very Ok, all you have to do is navigate to the website which you intend knowing it's theme. We'll be using for this.
 On the website, right click and click on "Page Source"

A new window will open on the next tab, right there search for style.css. You can do that by using Ctrl + f and then the search box will come up, all you have to simply do is type in style.css and it will be shown

As you can see in the screenshot above, although its not really clear but all you have to do is zoom it in. So all you have to do is type in style.css in the search box and it will highlight where style.css is   in the theme with blue ass you can see in the screenshot. If you look closely in that line i underlined  with red, you'd that this is there


And as you can see Themes/metrostore is also in that line so that's to tell us that the name of t he theme the site is using is called METROSTORE, note that some designers do change the name of the theme to something else so in most cases you wont  find the name but you can use this method, how ever lest go over to the second method.

  • Using the Websites URL
All you will have to do in this case is copy the websites URL e.g and then head over to Wordpress Theme search and paste in the Link there.
Navigate to when it opens up, paste in the link of the website you intend knowing the theme e.g

Pate it the link in that box (e.g and click pm search, you should get something like below

And the website will tell you the
  • Theme Name
  • Theme Homepage 
  • Author
  • Author Homepage
  • Description of the theme
  • Version of the Theme
Screenshots of the theme and even plugins you can use with the theme. Awesome  right?? So yeah which of the methods do you prefer, A or B? and by the way both methods are Ok so they are both cool and note that using the same method, if the site Isn't using a Wordpress Theme, will also tell you like Nairaland for example isn't  using a WP theme
So as you can see, the site will tell if its not using a WP theme and that's it guys, Just follow the steps, i bet they are pretty easy but you can sill check out the Tutorial on Youtube and hey! don't forget to share this post  to someone.
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