Friday, 9 March 2018

Messnger Lite now make Video calls, gonna stick with it?

 So y'all know that Facebook has the standard app called the Facebook Messenger and then the Lite app called Messenger Lite that allows you do most of the stuff the standard messenger does but excluding some stuff like video calling, sending money etc well, Messenger lite has just been updated and you can now make video calls with it and regarding the fact that its lite having about 19 MB while the standard messenger has 49 MB, will you keep using  the normal messenger app or you gonna ditch it out for lite since it now has the video calling feature?? The reason why most people still use the Normal Messenger and not lite is because lite has no video calling feature like the normal messenger app but just the normal voice call but since it now has that option, i believe its gonna be mostly used and the Normal or standard messenger app is gonna be ditched! Well I'm still contemplating on the one to stick with (Thinking).
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