Saturday, 7 October 2017

Write for and Earn cool Cash

So this is not a sponsored post, i actually decided to share this here for those of us that will be interested or possibly have someone who might be interested. is an up and coming goal setting website dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. Part of the  job is to keep their audience motivated, which is where you come in! The Company are in search for talented and highly passionate writers to help inspire their audience.
They have two types of opportunities: Article Writing and Goal Maps. Please see details below.
Article Writing: the content published on is intended to help their audience improve all aspects of their lives. They aim to provide practical advice, resources and the motivation to help their community realize their full potential.
  • pays $5 for every published article
  • They require high quality, original content that matches the message of
  • Article topics that the audience can read and enjoy
  • A word count of 400 words or more
  • Here are some additional helpful tips on how to crush it as a contributor
Goal Maps: strives to provide a vast array of goal setting templates for their users to adopt and use. For example, if their users want to quit smoking, lose weight or start a business, hopefully there's a plan that can help them. See Goal Map Examples here.
  • pays $20 for every published Goal Map
  • Please select topics that we currently do not have a Goal Map for
  • Provide a goal title and short summary (two sentences)
  • Conduct thorough research to construct a template that breaks down the goal into series of well thought out steps that lead to successfully achieving the goal
  • Using the research you gather, write short, upbeat and educational messages that are sent to the user to help motivate and guide them through the Goal Map you created
  • We can provide examples of how we'd like our Goal Maps structured upon request
  • For additional details or questions on contributing Goal Maps, please contact us at

Additional Details:
FREE ACCOUNT: Also, with your first published article or Goal Map, you will be given a complimentary contributor account, which grants you access to all of for FREE!
PAYMENTS: Payments are been submitted  via PayPal within five days after your article gets published.
QUALITY: will reject any duplicate content or poorly written work. Please do not plagiarize or attempt to repurpose previously written content from other sites, be it your own or someone else’s.
NEXT STEPS: visit the contributor page on our website and create an account.
Got any question? Then drop a comment.
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  1. I feel so lucky to have found you. I think your website is a great resource for bloggers like me. Great going!

    1. Aww Thanks and I'm glad you walked in and do keep coming, we promise to put valuable contents across.