Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Twitter Users! There's a bookmark Option on it's way!

Have you ever gone on to Twitter and you found a post you actually loved so much or a post you just wanted to see all over and over and over again? If yes, then it's gonna be possible real soon because  after getting tons of requests for a "Save for Later" feature, the company has finally started developing a Bookmarking tool during its annual Hack Week activities as announced by Jesar Shah (Twitter Products Manager). She announced and feature and posted a quick demo of the prototype they created at the event.

Twitter actually plans to replace the "send via DM" icon on the bottom right portion of tweets with an overflow menu. That menu will house both the "share via DM" and the upcoming "Add to Bookmark" features. It's a nice idea though i mean you actually can save or bookmark stuffs you like. Isn't that amazing???? Ok! Don't get too excited yet Lol😄😄😄!
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