Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Youtube bans tutorials on Gun Moddification after Las Vegas shooting

We all know that just last week here (or if you don't know i guess you now know, Lol 😉😉) there was a massive massacre at Las Vegas where about 58 people where shot dead and about 515 injured and due to this, YouTube has taken the place to ban any video(s) that teaches on how to mod a gun. According to a YouTube spokesperson, this was an expansion of an existing policy in the wake of the Vegas shooting to prohibit videos that demonstrate "how to convert firearms to make them fire more quickly." The spokesperson said the company has "long had a policy against harmful and dangerous content." That includes videos that are trying to sell or promote firearms, as well as conversion devices and a device called a bump stock. Bump stocks were attached to 12 of the rifles found in the Las Vegas gunman's hotel room. The modification enables semi-automatic weapons to fire faster and to this effect, YouTube has taken the step to ban videos that teaches or illustrates Gun Modifications, Honestly i think it's cool but here's the thing, there are so many people that rely on YouTube to feed, i mean some people work so hard on YouTube to earn and so what if those guys into Gun Modding Tutorials  falls in that class, whats their fate?? YouTube shouldn't go on banning all the videos, there should be a way to curb it, i really don't know though but hey! What's your say on this???😕😕
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