Thursday, 12 October 2017

How to Reduce your MP3 size without altering the quality

Most times lol i'd wanna upload my songs online and i will get the "File size to large" notification and apart from that i believe it sucks whereby you'd wanna send a song for someone  and the size is just too large even exceeding that of your megabyte lol, don't stress yourself much, there's actually a tool you can use to reduce the size online without altering the audio quality of the song. Isn't that awesome?? Lol
Well you have to do is

  • Navigate to the website by clicking here or you can just type in on your browser
  • Click on Browse to select the song you want to convert and then click on upload when done
  •  When you've click on Upload, you'll wait for it to load and then click on the download ro download the file and that's all.
Although there are so many other tools you can use for this but i prefer using this why because it's fast and erm that's pretty it Lol, so i believe from now henceforth you wouldn't stress yourself over reduction of MP3 size, you'll simply just have to use this!!
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