Sunday, 3 December 2017

Konga: Do you want to get your stuff before paying?? Then check this out

Yeah so Literally Jumia now offers the payment before delivery option  as they've nailed out  the payment on delivery option due to what surfaced in the past and so most people prefer Konga but some of them are oblivious of the fact that Konga also has ruled out the payment before  delivery option so you now have to pay before you get your stuff, erm thanks to Miss Techy because i was actually oblivious too until i saw her heads up but don't worry guys there's always a way out. There's a way you actually can get your stuff before you pay.

Konga 's CEO Shola Adekoya said in his statement " we have enabled a contact seller button that allows open communication between seller and buyer in cases where pay on delivery transactions still want to be carried out directly between the seller and the buyer"

So yeah you actually Can now contact the seller via Whatsapp and just negotiate and make out your stuff there using the Contact Seller  Whatsapp Button

So that's it guys when you click on that button, you are going to be redirected to Whatsapp and yeah you actually can message the buyer and discuss,but we have a problem😩😩 it seems the button  doesn't work on all browsers so I'd advice you use Google Chrome while trying to do that because i actually got this while i tried it out on Mozilla

so yeah it didn't work on my Mozilla but it worked on my Chrome Browser as you can see below 

So yeah make sure you try it out on Google Chrome, you can still try it out on other browser's though, it might still work out! So that's it guys, any new update I'm gonna  hit you guys up right here!! So make sure you stay glued and also help share the post it amy go a long way in giving others heads up!!😎😎

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