Saturday, 13 January 2018

Want to quote a message on whatsappp? Then here is how to

Lol so most times, you leave your phone down for some hours and you come back only to get tons of messages lol and among those message, you might want to point back to one of the message the person sent and how do you do that???? It's literally very easy, I'll be listing two steps one for this one for the iPhone users and the other for the Android Users!

  • iPhone Users

On an iPhone, find the message you want to quote and drag it to the right.

This attaches the selected message to your new message, which you can then send as normal.

  • Android Users

On an Android phone, tap and hold the message you want to quote until it’s selected.

Next, tap the left facing arrow to attach the selected message to your new message.

Write your reply, and then send your message as normal.

And that's it, quoting a message is literally very useful especially in groups, it makes it look as if you are in a separate convo with the person right there in the group!
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